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Boys bedroom are a wonderful place of imagination and fun when decorated with the child in mind. There are several themes from which you can choose to surround your child with vivid color and images to spark his imagination and allow him to have a space to call his very own.

It’s very tempting to go all out with a specific bedroom theme, but try to picture your child and his room roughly five years into the future as you’re making decisions about decor.

Cartoon characters and super heroes are great when your son is young, but what about when he turns 9 or 10 years old? Let’s look at a few simple guidelines for boys bedroom ideas.

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A boy’s bedroom should begin with a good foundation on which to build. What does that mean? Choose paint color that is all boy, such as blue, green, or a neutral earth tone and then add color with the bedding, fun accessories, throw pillows, artwork, and window treatments.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Blue walls can lend themselves to themes such as pirates, nautical, airplanes, oceans, transportation, and sports. Green walls are ideal for creating a rainforest, jungle, farm, golf, or dinosaurs.

Themes set against earth tones walls could include rustic, southwestern, cowboys, the deep woods, trains, or medieval times, just to name a few. Often times, boys’ bedrooms will be shown with bright red, orange, or black colors on the walls. These colors are not calming or peaceful and should be avoided unless they’re simply used as accent colors in small areas.

Your boy bedroom decorating plan should include sturdy furniture that will be with your child for the long term. Bunk beds are a popular style for boys’ bedrooms. Bunk beds come in several different colors and styles, but the best choice would be twin bunk beds that can stand alone if needed. Those are especially nice if you have two boys that share a room when they’re younger, but separate into their own rooms at a later date.

Beds, desks, bookshelves, nightstands, and dressers should all be purchased with the intent of the pieces being used throughout the child’s life. Most importantly, allow for your boy’s bedroom to have plenty of room for play and building forts!

Bedding for boys comes in every color and theme imaginable! Choose bedding that will be comfortable for your child and pull in the theme of the room as well.

If you can’t find themed bedding to your liking, opt for bold stripes or geometric shapes that match or coordinate with the bedroom theme. Sheet sets are a great way to bring a licensed character into your child’s room without creating an entire theme around it.

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Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

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Many parents don’t have the budget to change their child’s bedroom theme every few years. Vinyl wall murals are one of the newest decorating tools on the market. These peel and stick accents come in bold, bright themes, enabling you to customize your child’s room with rockets, palm trees, castles, airplanes, cars, farms, sports, or animals. When your child’s interests change, peel them off and you have a clean slate!

Beanbags provide comfortable seating in boys bedroom. Cubes, baskets, or metal containers with lids provide the required storage for toys and books. Opt for simple and functional pieces for your child’s room and he will find a way to use his imagination to make his room into his very own fantasy world.